Eurovision-2017 in Kyiv!

Eurovision-2017 is the 62th "Eurovision" song contest to be held in Kiev (Ukraine). Our country has become the winner of the previous contest "Eurovision-2016", held in Stockholm (Sweden), with Jamala song "1944", which gained 534 points. Ukraine will  held this contest for the second time - the first time was in 2005.


September 9, 2016 International Exhibition Centre has been chosen as venue for the upcoming "Eurovision". International Exhibition Centre - is the biggest expo building in Ukraine. Permanent venue for international business and trade fairs.
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Kiev has experience in organizing and conducting the Eurovision-2005. Palace of Sports hosted a jubilee of 50th Eurovision Song Contest. The right to hold was received after Ruslana took first place in Turkey with the song «Wild Dances» in 2004.
Ruslana's "Wild dances" performance in 2004 in Eurovision

Preparation for Eurovision-2017

It was already allocated 200 million UAH  from the city budget for carrying out of "Eurovision-2017". In spring it is planned to begin work on landscaping in Kiev. In order to improve the transport of the city it was purchased an additional 12 trams and 100 buses. There also preparations to make a team of volunteers. 47 crews of "first aid" are geared by GPS-navigation systems. For additional security there will be established 4 thousand CCTV cameras and modern data center. The city administration has agreed with the owners of the hotels that the time on "Eurovision", they do not increase the price of rooms.

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The scene design

The scene was designed by Florian Veder, who worked on the concept of scene for the three previous "Eurovision" contests. Organizers note: the scene is round, symbolizing the position of Ukraine on the map of Europe.

Logo was a necklace of large beads, each of which has its own form and its pattern - marked with an asterisk, stripes, diamonds. Use of this beautiful and meaningful logo, based on the traditional amulets, gives a sense of not only history, but also modernity in appearance and presentation. Since this topic is the key to the team of "Eurovision-2017", we look forward to a fantastic show in May - said the executive director of Eurovision Jon Ola Sand. 


Tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 to be held in Kiev, will cost from 40 to 200 euros. This was told by the deputy head of the National Public TV and Radio of Ukraine Hrycak Paul. The official also said that as a result of a public tender an operator ticketing is already selected.
"The minimum income, which is planned - 44 million UAH, but after the tender we are in active negotiations with the winner – and now we expect that revenues from ticket sales will be more than 60 million UAH," - he said.

According to Gritsak, tickets will be sold for 9 events. He added that the ticket cost is in a discussion with the European Broadcasting Union that tickets for Eurovision may not cost as much as in Europe, because the purchasing power of Ukrainians is different from the European one.

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