Innovative approach to providing of cleaning services in Kiev

Startups penetrate our lives and make goods and services more accessible, reliable, and more quality. The service industry is reaching a new level, customer-oriented companies are replacing the Soviet "dissatisfied" masters, sellers, taxi drivers and all the staff.
There are two main models of providing services - aggregators (olx, kabanchik) and services (uber, liqpay). The difference is that the aggregator, in its essence, can not guarantee the quality of the services provided (it simply connects the customer and the performer), and the services are often engaged in rigid selection and training of personnel.
"Cleaning services are in demand and are successful," – young starters from Kiev Mirzakhanyan Karen and Marina Vlasenko picked this idea in their minds. Comparing the level of cleaning of top companies (Assle, Homejoy, Handy, Qlean) and Ukrainian companies, entrepreneurs realized that having studied this case well they will be able to build a quality and necessary service for Kyivans.

They noticed that there are about 5 typical problems that make Ukrainian cleaning not in demand.
1. Reliable cleaners.
In most companies there is no such selection for the position of the cleaner. They do not pass qualification tests, and even more so, training, accordingly the quality of services provided is falling, the amount of damage is increasing. The cleaner are not polite and may not be trustworthy towards the client.
The company "UBEREM" has gone on a different path and made a reception of candidates, regardless of their experience in 4 stages:
·      job interview;
·      security audit;
·      written test (after 8 hours of training);
·      test cleaning.
2. Cost calculation.
Ukrainian companies can not boast that it is easy and understandable for the client to calculate the cost of the order, and the majority of exisiting cleaning companies have team leader or manager who evaluates the order according to their subjective criteria.
The company "UBEREM" has solved this problem due to an understandable system of calculating the cost by the number of rooms and the choice of additional services.
3. Affordable price.
The high price is formed due to the small number of orders and expensive equipment of the cleaners. The owners of most companies want to refund the cost of equipment and earn.
The model of "UBEREM" is built on the basis of a large flow of customers and a low, affordable cost of the order. On average, the cost of the order in the company "UBEREM" is 50% cheaper than competitors' costs. For the first month of work, the site has one of the largest traffic due to a high level of visits.
4. Insurance.
The company should understand what will happen in case of unintentionally inflicted harm, because a cup brought from Paris, which the cleaner unintentionally broke - is a negative emotion that is hard to compensate. The company "UBEREM", unlike others, takes this into account in its model and, from every cleaning, deposits money in a special fund for compensation of funds in the event of unpleasant situations.
5. Client-Orientation.
Ukraine still can not move to this principle in the work. Most services behave as if their service is in short supply and therefore can afford not to take up an order, set their own terms, fail the customer, be late, etc.
Team "UBEREM" is configured to work, which is headed by the client and his needs. First of all, for the company it is important that after the cleaning the customer is satisfied, and in case of any remarks, the cleaner will always come again and re-clean.  
6. Specialization.
For lack of orders, companies can not deal with one type of real estate and try to capture the entire cleaning market (including enterprise), which blurs the work model and therefore affects the quality.
"UBEREM" works only with non-commercial real estate, and does not plan to enter other markets, gaining momentum in quality.

The service opened on its own money in mid-October and is actively developing, today it performs 2 cleanings a day. For 2018 the team plans to reach the level of 50 cleaning a day thanks to the development of special software that each client will be able to download on their smartphone.