8 unusual places in Kyiv that you did not know

Any city - it is much more than the sightseeing routes and recommendations from the guidebook. Residents of Kyiv often do not notice interesting places around, though they pass by them every day. At the same time, Kyiv is not only the Andreevsky Descent or the Landscape Alley. We show non-typical locations in Kiev, which may not even be known by the indigenous inhabitants of the city.

Manor of Octavian Bielski and park around

This estate, which once was the cottage of Khrushchev, existed long before Khrushchev and the Soviet Union. It was built by architect Nikolai Kazansky, who designed everything in Kyiv and in the Russian Empire. The owner of the estate Bielsky landed around the park, very similar to Vorontsovsky in Alupka. The place is special because there are some unusual trees for Kiev: old plantations, fir, Crimean pine. It is always calm here. Incidentally, the river Glubochitsa flows out of this place, which once flooded along Glibochytska Street.

Wall-ruin in the courtyard on Bekhterevsky lane, 8

This is a piece of some building that once stood there. Then the owners of the cafe nearby fenced the rest of the wall with a white fence. When I first saw it, I thought it was some kind of art-installation. It looks like a small piece of private property in the middle of a big city. This means that the place is alive, that it needs someone. The ruin wall provokes me to think that even with a piece of things that seems long lost to us, you can dash a new story.

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Kyiv District Power Plant

Kievskaya RES is located on the Rybalsky Peninsula. From the bridge it always reminded me of the factory from the cover of the 'Animals' album of Pink Floyd. About a year and a half ago, I wanted to travel all constructivist buildings in Kyiv, and it turned out that one of these is the Republican Government. Firstly, the building itself is very cool, it is red, old and powerful. Secondly, near the power station there are stairs leading to the Dnieper, and the water just goes to them. From there opens a cool look: you look at the Separation from the place that people from the Podil look at.

Street of Igor Branovitsky (formerly Perspectyvna), 8

There is a house with many workshops of sculptors and artists. "Masterpieces" of the creators are transmitted from father to son. Two months ago, I was preparing an exhibition and was looking for one sculptor. His name is Yegor. Arrived here, accidentally went not to those doors and got to Rostislav, whose works eventually decorated the exposition. In this house, there was the atmosphere of sacredness. Each workshop - is a separate world - destitute, far from the masses. You can go freely here, buy a sculpture. You will be offered a black tea with sugar and biscuits. But especially nobody here is waiting for you.

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Cult Space AkT

At this location, I spend most of my time. In order to open the gallery, I was looking for a place that looks like a street where you could roam for hours, reading annotations to hundreds of art objects. Although the "Platform" itself, in which AkT is located, is already inhabited, but this place still looks untouched. Another paradox is that AkT is often difficult to be found, although it takes not enough - 3500 m2 with 10 000 m2 of the entire art factory.

Street Stritenska

I'm a pedestrian, walking for 10 kilometers a day. The Golden Gate area has already become a pop, but if you depart from Yaroslaviv Val street, you can find streets that do not have people. For example, Stritenska is one of the first streets where mural and art objects began to appear. 

Cycling track

This is a sports oasis in the city. Now the cycle track is changing, it has become even more steep, despite the fact that next to there are houses with not particularly aesthetic facades. Surprisingly, a bike track is still known by a few people, although it is all impressive. This is a good place to stay near it while walking and watch out for how cyclists circle around.

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Tarasivska Street

It is a street that connects Leo Tolstoy and Saksaganskogo. It is cool to go down, up - less classy.  The bench is just outdoors, but in a very quiet place hidden from the superfluous eye.