Ukrainian artist got into international art magazine

This article is about Dutch artists who rebranded an international art magazine. Ukrainian artists Marina Borodulya got into the first edition of this magazine. 
With acquiring an art magazine and rebranding it through his own vision, Dutch born artist Roy Owh is making big waves in the international art scene. After working in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Malaga Spain he arrived in Rome where an independent art dealer discovered his work while he was sketching in a local restaurant. From here his Rise to Fame went fast.

Now he travels the world painting. Mostly commissioned work by private collectors. The Rich and Famous invite him to their private houses. His Instagram profile is filled with pictures of his lavish lifestyle. 'Work hard, Play hard' seems seems to be his mission statement.
"I need my alone time, I need to be able to switch my mind to nothing, and live in the moment."
Currently recovering and recharging his creativity in Tuscany, the rest of 2017 will be a busy year: fully booked with private viewings in Porto Alegre, Berlin, London and Kiev.
“It gets busy, half of the time even I don’t know whats coming up. My publicist is doing all my planning and scheduling. This allows me to focus on my painting."
Give back
He recently bought and rebranded a printed art magazine named after a mystic experience a few years ago: "1340 is a very important number for me related to a very significant event in my life, it's tattooed on my body. 1340 is important for me. Only those close to me know the full story."
“Our goal is to use the magazine as a platform for artists you’ve heard of, and artists we think you should get to know. Through our print editions and online presence we are building a community of artists and connoisseurs from all over the world, and showcasing a diverse collection of styles, in influences and processes”.
The next edition (Q3) will be published on Juli 1st. 1340ART MAGAZINE will be available in selected bookstores in New York, Amsterdam, Berlin and London. Print copies will also be available at our online store
For more info on Roy Owh check:

This is Ukrainian artist Marina Borodulya.
Her artworks can be found here.